Fuel Sample Analysis and Treatment

While many of our clients are familiar with corrosion protection for the outside of their underground storage tanks, many are unaware that corrosion could be occurring inside their tanks, particularly tanks storing heating oil and diesel fuel, including those dedicated to emergency and back-up generator systems. Recent changes in the chemistry of diesel fuel to biodiesel and ultralow sulfur diesel (ULSD) composition have greatly exacerbated this problem. A recent study from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed that 83% of the diesel fuel tank systems sampled were experiencing moderate to severe corrosion. Left unchecked, the risk of environmental damage can result from internal corrosion as well as the formation of bacteria and fungus in the fuel that could jeopardize the reliability of critical equipment and lead to premature failure of the equipment and/or tank.

PCA Engineering can provide a solution to this issue through the use of a simple fuel analysis that will analyze your fuel for the presence of water, microbe bacteria, organic and inorganic compounds, and a accelerated aging stability test.  The fuel analysis has been structured to meet NFPA as well as ASTM D975 standards. Upon completion of the laboratory analysis, a written report will be issued with results and recommendations.

As directed by the fuel analysis results, a fuel inhibitor and/or biocide can be recommended. Besides acting as a corrosion inhibitor, these products will stabilize fuel for long term storage, kill bacteria and fungus, disperse particulate and sediment, and breakdown any fuel/water emulsion. This treatment can be as simple as adding 1 gallon of treatment to your underground storage tank. Continued treatment on a yearly basis is recommended.

It’s easy to get caught up in the “out of sight , out of mind” adage. But by being proactive, you can ward off the risk of internal corrosion and/or fuel failure, minimize the risk of environmental damage and ensure the reliability of your equipment whenever it is needed. Please contact our office for more information and/or a quote for your facility.

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