Secondary Containment Inspections

secondary containmentSecondary containment systems must be capable of containing a spill while meeting required regulations and using industry best practices. This is why it is so important to ensure the integrity of your secondary containment. PCA has experience inspecting a variety of secondary containments including the following materials:

  • Native soil - Erosion, frost heave, shrinkage, and dessication are the natural enemies of native soil containments
  • Clay liners - Dry environments and freezing/thawing can cause cracking and dessication of the clay liner
  • Synthetic liners - There are four (4) general types of synthetic liners:
    • Supported coated fabrics and laminates
    • Unsupported geomembranes
    • Geosynthetic/clay liners
    • Spray-on coatings
  • Concrete - Extreme weather conditions and differential movement can cause cracking of the concrete and/or deterioration of sealant materials
  • Steel - Leaks can occur due to severe corrosion at welded or bolted seams and other connections

PCA has experience applying criteria from standards such as DER-17 "Guidelines for Inspecting and Certifying Secondary Containment Systems of Aboveground Storage Petroleum Tanks at Major Oil Storage Facilities. This standard maintains the following performance criteria that PCA can test using qualified personnel:

  • Visual Inspection - All secondary containment liners require a visual inspection
  • Structural Integrity - The quality and ability of the material to provide the necessary support and strength, and the absence of physical flaws is evaluated in this criteria
  • Permeability - The rate of flow of product through a containment material is evaluated in this criteria, adhering to product-specific permeability limits
  • Compatibility - The secondary containment material and product must maintain their respective physical and chemical properties upon contact with each other
  • Volumetric Capacity - The secondary containment must be capable of containing 110% of the largest tank within the containment area

Our experienced personnel can perform inspections of your secondary containment to meet Federal and State regulations while protecting the environment and the well-being of people. 

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