Spill Prevention, Containment, and Countermeasure Review

Originally published in 1973 under the authority of §311 of the Clean Water Act, the Oil Pollution Prevention regulation sets forth requirements for the prevention of, preparedness for, and response to oil discharges at specific non-transportation-related facilities. The primary goal of these regulations is to prevent the migration of oil from the intended container to the waters and shorelines of the United States.

Since these original regulations, the EPA has amended these requirements to include additional specific requirements. Within the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40, Part 112, Subparts A through C are generally referred to as the applicable SPCC rules. For facilities that meet the criteria requiring an SPCC plan, there are a number of important elements including:

  • Facility diagram and description of the facility
  • Plan certification (by a Professional Engineer (PE) or in certain cases by the facility owner/operator)
  • Management approval
  • Five-year Plan review
  • Site security
  • Facility drainage
  • Oil discharge predictions
  • Facility inspections
  • Requirements for bulk storage containers including inspections, overfill, and integrity testing requirements
  • Appropriate secondary containment or diversionary structures
  • Brittle fracture evaluations for aboveground field constructed containers
  • Transfer procedures and equipment (including piping)
  • Requirements for qualified oil-filled operational equipment
  • Loading/unloading rack requirements and procedures for tank cars and tank trucks
  • Personnel training and oil discharge prevention briefings
  • Recordkeeping requirements

In addition, there are a subset of facilities that may necessitate including a Facility Response Plans (FRP) to address oil discharge prepareness requirements. Our qualified and licensed individuals can help you in generating, certifying, and/or revising your SPCC or FRP documents to comply with the EPA requirements and ensure your facility is capable of preventing, preparing for, and responding to potential oil spills.

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