Petroleum, Chemical, & Utility Industry Corrosion Control

PCA Engineering provides corrosion control and inspection services to the petroleum, chemical, and utilities industries. The common components of tanks, piping and pressure vessels can also be found in manufacturing and other general industries.

PCA's experience includes:

  • Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution
    • Power plant corrosion control, including intakes, water boxes, underground piping, fuel storage tanks and marine structures
    • Pipe-type cable corrosion control
    • Tank and pipe inspections
  • Petroleum
    • Inspection of tanks and piping to API standards
    • US DOT Operator Qualification (OQ) training
    • Cathodic protection design/installation/testing for tanks, piping and metallic structures
    • Evaluation of US DOT systems, including transmission pipelines
    • Compliance inspections for bulk storage facilities
    • Fuel service station cathodic protection, systems inspection, compliance evaluation
  • Nuclear Power Generation
    • Corrosion control/cathodic protection
    • Coatings inspection
  • Natural Gas Distribution
    • Cathodic protection for underground piping and risers
    • Pipe locating services
    • Master Meter compliance documentation and field services
  • Chemical/Pharmaceutical Industries
    • Inspection services for tanks and piping
    • Chemical bulk storage compliance evaluations
  • General Industry & Manufacturing
    • Emergency generator fuel systems, including fuel quality sampling, compliance and testing
    • Fire water storage tanks to NFPA requirements
    • Raw product storage and piping systems inspection

PCA Engineering, Inc.

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