Underground Storage Tank Inspections

PCA Engineering provides inspection services of underground storage tank systems to ensure compliance with Federal and State regulations. PCA has extensive experience with industrial and commercial UST systems, including service stations, fuel systems for emergency generators and heating, and raw material storage. Why let rust eat through your metal and your budget when PCA can help keep costs at a minimum without compromising safety, using time-proven methods of corrosion prevention and control. Our experienced team can provide a number of services, including:

Our accredited and state-certified personnel can provide:

  • Cathodic Protection – Testing is focused on the corrosion control systems of metallic tank system components.
  • Tank & Line Tightness Testing – These tests methodologies identify small leaks in underground tank and pipelines.
  • Automatic Tank Monitoring Testing – Periodic inspection is required to certify the functionality of inventory control systems, leak, water, and overfill prevention systems. PCA teams are versed in many of the systems, including Omntech, Veeder-Root and Incon.
  • Stage II Vapor Recovery Testing – These tests verify that vapors emitted during a vehicle fueling are captured and conveyed back to the tank.
  • Spill & Overfill Testing – This testing verifies catchments sumps are tight and automatic devices to stop a tank from overflowing during a fuel drop are functional.

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